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Client’s Experiences

Empowerment Sessions

I worked with Danhela over 6 sessions and found her to be very knowledgeable, empathetic, compassionate and professional during these sessions. Her presence and energy put me at ease right away and so I found it easy to open up to her and explore various issues and themes in my life. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for something different from traditional psychotherapy. Camelia – Nacka/Sweden.

“Today, the most amazing feeling happened, during my interception session with Danhela.
Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis means many days with pain, especially on my hands, after a few minutes of channeling energies through my body, my hands went from stiff with moderate pain, to flexible and painless!
Wow what a feeling and for someone which prefers logic over mind, it was an even greater surprise. Thank you Danhela!” Andrea – Switzerland.

 “I did Danhela’s sessions of Hypnotherapy that she complemented with another therapeutic technics. The result was immediate progress and the capacity to understand my recurring behaviors. At the moment, I own my impact and have taken my life to the next level. Everybody has something they can improve, and with Danhela’s holistic help, everything becomes more clear and even fun.
Thank you, Dani, let’s continue exploring the inner potential.”  
D. Sousa – Nacka/Sweden.

“Jag rekommenderar verkligen Danhela som coach. Det har hjälpt mig att möta mina rädsla och utveckla mitt självförtroende. När jag kom första gången till Danhela kände jag mig väldigt osäker i min arbertskarrier. Hon upptäckte problem och redan efter vårt första möte så gav det mig resultat. Jag kunde applicera den metod som hon rekommenderade och jag känner mig mycket starkare i mitt arbete.” D. Appelros – Stockholm/Sweden.

“I haven’t ever before experienced NLP but knew what it was. I wasn’t much of a believer until I had a session with Dani. She led me gently through the process, and I realized how simple it could be by trusting her guidance to help me overcome my limiting beliefs. I was impressed with her ability and skill to help me, and very happy to have learnt so much from her.” L. de Godoy – Amsterdam/Netherlands.

Allergy reduction or healing

 “I saw Danhela for what I thought was a simple pet allergy …and her exceptional ability and skilful use of Havening Transpirational allowed me to explore other life events which were worked on swiftly and compassionately with optimum outcomes. I now don’t have my pet allergy …after a single session. Thank you Danhela. Xx” J.S. – UK.

Getting Clarity

“I arrived at Danhela’s office to talk about my career.  I was in a moment of transition and very uncertain about the future.  The consultancy helped me to see what was not so clear to me … My true passion.  The profession that most motivates me.  This structure was essential to define the next steps in my life.  I recommend it to everyone!” S. Santos – Stockholm/Sweden.

Stress & Anxiety

I really recommend it. It’s very calming, relaxing and simple work to do and it really helped me to focus on what is important for me. It shifted the brain out of its natural negative habits and allows your natural self to find its voice and identify what you need for you.” L. Spelman – Stockholm/Sweden.

Bem, posso dizer que com a técnica que recebi da Danhela eu fiquei muito mais leve, confidante e conseguindo enfrentar o que tanto estava me aflingindo. Na verdade antes de receber o atendimento dela eu estava com receio se realmente eu me sentiria melhor.Antes de começar atendimento eu estava com um medo dentro de mim em relação a todo o externo, mas não sabia exatamente quanto ao o que era esse medo,  após fazer a técnica junto com a Danhela comecei a me sentir mais segura, descobri qual era o medo que me aflingia e como reagir para tudo ficar bem. Não tenho palavras para agradecer a clareza e conforto que ela me trouxe!” F. Santos Santi – Stockholm/ Sweden.

I’ve been with Danhela through a coaching process that took 4 sessions and it was deeper than I could imagine. Danhela used PNL and Havening techniques throughout the process that helped me to work with specific issues and according to my individual goals. Havening techniques I can apply in myself until today. She is a very competent professional and she knows what she is doing. Besides being super helpful.” DMC – Stockholm/Sweden.

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