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Life is a collection of experiences. And how we experience it, is based on different factors and landscape (or environment) we are in at the moment of the event or situation that will determine if it is a positive snapshots or if they may contain distressed or negative experiences. In the last case, it gets stored in the amygdala of our brain, calcified and that gets trigger under similar circunstances.

The great news if – Havening can change this via depotentiation and release of neurons in the amygdala.

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Havening: based on Neuroscience and created by Dr. Ruden

Havening is a psyco-sensorial technique that uses touch to activate delta waves and create synapses in our brain to release negative experiences, stress, anxiety, phobias, traumas and much more. Watch Dr. Ruden talking about how this alternative therapy works and other Health Publications

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