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Who doesn’t love to feel healthy and good! After all, a healthy body and mind is probably the most important thing for happiness and quality of life!

But health should not be taken for granted and, moreover, health means something different for everyone: are you looking for alternative ways to improve pain or discomfort? Or do you want to restore the balance between your body, mind and soul?

Want to experience more joy and vitality and improve your sense of well-being? We created Healy to help you achieve these goals. Healy with the TimeWaver technology is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pin and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders that can be worn on the body.


The device is intended for stimulating certain parts of your body using individually determined frequencies. This small but extremely versatile device offers frequency programs for all major areas of life: it promotes vitality, well-being and balance! Healy offers applications that help you stay in shape and soothe pain. The device can support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and help you sleep better at night.

Healy can help you increase your vitality, improve your flow of life energy and activate your energy reserves. The applications of the Healy work in the bioenergetic field of your body and are based on many years of experience from Nuno Nina and from our network of therapists.

On the website https://www.healyworld.net/en/partner/thriving4u we have collected the main topics you may want to know about Healy. We would like to give you more personal information. Of course it is very useful if you try the Healy yourself! (Try the healy for 14 days. Money back guarantee!) We hope you enjoy reading and good health and we hope you will join the fast growing community of Healy users soon! Programs for many important areas of life. Healy offers individual programs that can support you in the following areas:

✓ Pain / psyche

✓ Sleep

✓ Golden cycle

✓ Mental balance

✓ Job

✓ Skin

✓ Learning

✓ Fitness

✓ Beauty

✓ Meridians

✓ Chakras

✓ Bioenergetic balance

✓ Protection programs

Healy’s frequency programs can support you after just 20 minutes of application, no matter where you are: exercise, relax, at work, at home or on the road. Disclaimer: Healy is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other uses of the Healy are not recognized by mainstream medicine, because their effect has not been scientifically proven.

Besides all user benefits, you can become a member of the Healy community. Check out how on:


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