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I am a trained and certified OMNI Hypnosis, Hypnotherapist & Hypnocell, NLP Practitioner, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, TTT (Tapping Trauma Technique) and Reiki Licensed Practitioner. Sessions can be book based in specific techniques or in a Coaching way where they are combined in the most effective way to meet your goal(s). My purpose and mission is to enable empowerment within you.

The Coaching sessions (that may includes all above techniques) are in average 6 to 12 sessions focus to solve problems, reduce or eliminate its related issues. Depending on the problem(s), less or more sessions may be needed.

It’s a team work, where I as Coach and Therapist guide you towards your own solutions, as you are the one holding your own answers, and where ultimately you decide to accept the insights, healing, suggestions or not towards any change or goal, with the use of neurological changes and sensorial activations.

Your emotions are the key for your transformation.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS & PRICES – Presencial or Online via Zoom

FREE 20 Min Call

Content free session: 120,00 SEK / 120,00 Euros 60 minutes (in person) Havening, Tapping, Reiki (energy balance).

Single online session via Zoom: Single: 850,00 SEK /85,00 Euros 60 minutes

Online package of 6 x 60 min. via Zoom 4.200,00 SEK /420,00 Euros (60 min each)

Children single session: 650,00 SEK/ 65,00 Euros – 30 to 45 minutes. Sessions mainly based on Havening, NLP and some visualisation. Fun and light for kids, where parents learn how to support kids and apply some of the techniques as Self-Havening.

Coaching session : 1.500,00 SEK/150,00 Euros – 90 minutes. This session in based on content free or disclosed content protocol based in Havening, NLP techniques, Hypnoses and Tapping Trauma Therapy techniques as baseline, focus on single issue or problem reduction. After the session the reduction of the issue is measured by your given SUD (measurement of distress prior and after protocol application).

Hypnotherapy session: 2.800,00 SEK / 280,00 Euros. Single session of up to 180 minutes personal or online session where the issue is presented and execution of appropriate techniques is done. Advised for issues as burnout issues, deep relaxation, recall of positive memories, Self-hypnoses, empowerment (the feeling of being in Hypnotic states is amazing, while you are fully aware). Other emotional or mental distress normally require more sessions, when encoded trauma may be present.


Package 1: 6 sessions – 7.200,00 SEK /720,00 Euros (includes Intake session) Details: 6 sessions of 60 min with pre-plan aligned during intake session and adjusted as require based on last session. Techniques as NLP, Havening, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Tapping Therapy and others will be used in a combined way to deliver the best results. Presencial and/or online via Zoom.

Package 2: 10 sessions – 12.000,00SEK /1.200,00 Euros. (includes Intake session) Details: 10 sessions of 60 min each with pre-plan aligned during intake session and adjusted as require based on last session. Techniques as NLP, Havening, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Tapping Therapy and others will be used in a combined way to deliver the best results. Presencial and/or online.

NOTE: If you may be facing financial difficulty, please reach out as I believe everyone shall have access to support and we together can discuss some possibilities.


FRIKSVARD BENEFIT – In Sweden, the invoice can the declared towards employers that support this benefit (always check is it cover areas as hypnoses, mental training, mental balance, coaching, stress and anxiety reduction, burnout, smoking cessation, mindfulness, etc.).

Coaching sessions can be requested to your manager by supporting your Personal Development Plan, Stress Management, Burn-out issues, etc. Check the support you can received from your manager (see below corporate programs offered) – well balanced employees perform better at work!

COMPANY WORKSHOPS & SESSIONS – On location and Online via Zoom

YOUR PEOPLE IS YOUR BEST ASSET! Aim of those session can be increase the team spirit within a department or project, personal development & Emotional Intelligence/ Mentoring, Stress and Anxiety Management, Increase Motivation and Engagement, Better Work & Private Life Balance.

CORONA /COVID Stress Release Online Workshop: 6.500,00 SEK/ 650,00 Euros (exc. VAT). This is a 90-120 minutes online workshop session for small groups (up to 15 people) focus on reducing the stress and anxiety towards the un-know development of the situation using Havening, Mind Mapping and Visualisation techniques. Maintain the balance and resilience is crucial both at professional level as personal level.

Stress & Anxiety Management Hands-on Workshop: 15.000,00 SEK/1.500,00 Euros (exc. VAT). This is a 90-120 minutes workshop focus hands-on exercises teaching that can help your employees to have resources that can help them manage stress and anxiety at any time. Techniques included: Breathing exercises, Self-Havening Technique and TTT. Get your team in balance so that all can benefit from it! Limited to a group of 15 people so enough attention can be given.

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions: 35.000,00 SEK/ 3.500,00 Euros (exc. VAT). Empower your employees to increase their performance, resilience, overcome their limiting believes, thrive, over-deliver and think out of the box! This package aims to support Personal Development Plans. Consist of 3-4 months program and 12 sessions of 90 minutes at individual aligned with common goals to be achieved between employee and company. Ask your Manager or HR for support where both sides can benefit, get the best out of you and deliver the best towards your company!

Note: Corporate sessions if on location exclude travel cost.

Do you have a question? Send me an email with you name, email and phone and I will get back to you asap.

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